Buying Guide to Purchase i20

The i20 hatchback slots between dull i10, and really-quite stunning i30 edition. The Company expects to sell this in more number, and it is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in Korea.

The price of brand new models in UK is around £8,700, but second hand models will be available for as low as £6,500.

Models in India

It is offered in 4 models – Era, Magna, Asta, and Sportz; the actual price what you pay for the car is slightly higher than ex-showroom price.

hyundai i20 second hand

Below given is the ex-showroom price; anyways, you’ll get slight reduction if you opt for second hand i20 models.

• Era – 4.74 lakhs
• Magna – 5.14 lakhs
• Sportz – 5.42-5.57 lakhs
• Asta- 6.01-7.84 lakhs

Safety is the most important concern when you buy a brand new or second hand model; the point of having fully inflated airbags increase the cost of your car by about Rs 40,000 roughly.

Engine Type and Capacity

Different power-train options are offered, ranging from 1.2-L Kappa (petrol), 1.4-L CRDi (diesel), and 1.4-L Gamma (petrol).

The Crdi engine will give you a mileage of 21km/l of diesel on highways, while Gamma and Kappa engines achieve 15km/l, and 18km/l respectively.

hyundai i20 second hand

You can find Hyundai i20 second hand cars from the below given listings.

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